What is Abstract class in C#, when abstract class is used, can abstract class be used in multilevel inheritance

Abstract class

Before understanding the abstract class let’s understand the abstract methods. Abstract Method The abstract method is a method without implementation. i.e. Abstract method just has the declaration of the method, however, there is no implementation or body for a method. The implementation of a method is done in the derived class. The derived class must implement all the abstract methods to avoid compile-time errors. C# … Continue reading Abstract class

What are class and object in OOP?

In object-oriented programming (OOP), object and class play an essential role; In fact, OOP is based on object and class. Definition of Objects An object is any real-time entity which has some properties (State) and can perform some task (Behaviour). For example, Mobile is an object; it has some properties (State) like length, colour, weight, etc. and it perform some task (Behaviour) like call, message, etc. In programming, objects … Continue reading What are class and object in OOP?