Scope of Event Management as Career

Event Management has evolved so much with time and has become a demanding and growing industry. As per EY-EEMA ( Event and Entertainment Management Association) report, Event Management Industry within the country is anticipated to reach above Rs,10,000 crore mark by 2020-21. With such growth industry has created a great percentage of career opportunities not only nationwide but worldwide as well.

Event Management is definitely a glamorous and thrilling profession. With growing demand for the Event Management Industry, promising career options and employment opportunities have also seen growth. It has led to the growth in the number of individuals as well as companies organizing and managing events. With the touch of style, glitz, glamour, flamboyance in the corporate world the career in Event Management is definitely shining up. Growth of this industry has led to the rise of many colleges and institutes nationwide.

In year 2020 when the entire world was grappled with the mayhem caused by Covid 19, Event Management was the industry which was striving and floating with adoption of innovative technology- making it least affected unlike other industries. Even during the lockdown virtual events were taking place in most parts of the world having large numbers of audience.

Career in this growing industry is not limited within the country but world wide. With increased demand and new dimensions added in the field of Event Management, the companies are not only catering globally but also collaborating with International Event Management companies, further paving the path for the enthusiastic to grow and mark their niche.

Madhya Pradesh is known as a transportation hub connecting the entire country from north to south, east to west and has benefited the state in becoming an industrial hub, attracting FDI in various sectors as well as educational hub for the country. With this growth every year many meetings, conferences, business exhibitions, film award events and other events are organized in the city leading to the spurging of many Event Management Companies in Indore. With such changes and growth the demand for highly skilled and creative event planners have also increased.

To hone the creativity and imaginative skills of desired candidates who wish to mark their names and outshine their career in this ever growing industry, many small and big Event Management Institutes in Indore have spurged up. Not only institutes but also full time Event Management Colleges in Indore have also been established providing degrees and Masters Degree in Event Management. These colleges have designed the perfect syllabus for the aspiring students covering all the subjects about marketing, planning, management, finance and related subjects along with internships under professional Event Management Companies for organizing corporate as well as social events. With establishment of Event Management Institutes In Indore it has benefited so many aspiring event planners to start their career and take it to a higher level.

Apart from Event Management Colleges in Indore, there are many seasoned, experienced and niche event planners- who apart from running their own management companies, also mentor and give lectures in the colleges for varied subjects related to Event Management Courses in Indore. These industry experts not only impart practical knowledge but their lectures also provide an extra edge to these aspiring students. Most of the times these Industry Experts are also associated as the advisory boards of Event Management Institutes in Indore.


Sky’s the limit if one wants to make a career in the Event management industry. There are many sectors where inclined personnel can make their career.

  • Event Management Companies
  • Wedding Planners
  • Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibition Industry
  • Tourism Industry
  • Media Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Hotel Industries
  • Food Industry
  • Entertainment Industry and many more to name.

Event Management Institutes in City are contributing in creating the expert candidates by developing their creativity and innovative skills. With the surge in the wave of this industry the charm is never going to diminish, it will outshine and evolve more and more with time.


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