How to Create the Best Social Media App Like Instagram, Facebook

Being a part of all the social media buzz and the growing social media landscape, ever wondered of trying to create a social media app like Instagram of your own?

Well, if your answer is positive, come let’s explore the mechanism of how exactly it’s done and what are the requirements to execute the idea.

Also, at times, it is important to be a part of the market as soon as possible and later you canslowly upgrade yourself with more attractive essentials.

If not from the development of the app from the scratch look for companies that can provide you with an Instagram Clone app and save you the time and launch you in the market as soon as possible.

Steps to Create Social Media App Like Instagram

Let’s dive into the necessary steps that have to be followed for an exceptional result of the social media app development.

Target Audience

Decide what your social media network will be about. The idea will not be sufficient, you need to have a complete understanding of the market you are going to be part of. It is very essential to comprehend the behavior of your users, the features or the kind of app they like surfing, and the things the other competitor lacks.

Once you know the purpose of the on of your future app, you now have to begin the implementation of your ideas.

Strategies to grow and sustainability along with engagement in the community for user retention. If your motive involves revenue generation from the app as well, then you have to think wisely about the monetization process you are planning to choose.

Features & Functionality

It is always attractive to have a lot of functionalities and features listed in your list while the app development takes place. But a lot of functionalities might confuse users and indirectly ask them to leave.

It’s very important to recognize what your user wants to see and explore a clean app, with much-needed features and no cluster in the experience. Decide for your users, things you would want to experience.

The content you want to update with your app development and the decision of making it either a private or a community app. The authorities your app will grant to the users and the purpose it will serve in this huge app market.

Ask these several questions to yourselves and to the people you are surrounded with. Conduct small researches regarding your concern to access a wider aspect of it.


When you have made the functioning decisions it’s time for you to work a little on the designing part as it will be another reason for user retention. You need to decide for the platforms you wish to stick to either Android, IOS or both because the development for both requires different technology stack.

You can be saved from a lot of time and money consumption if you go with the SaaS solution. If you are planning on beginning from scratch remember to provide clear designs to your creator for better understanding and begin with wireframing of your app.

Wireframing is the best way to provide a visual to the entire team so that they can all move towards one goal without any confusion. User Community Now you have created the best social media app with the excellent features and wonderful functionality. You know your app is the best but how will you tell others will make it a success.

Marketing tricks and tips need to improvise in your planning for a lot of attention towards your finest product. You need to lure your users, spread a word, give away coupons and be present everywhere to make people familiar with your name and slowly attract them to try using the app.

You have to become popular enough and adopt everything you can to make your product survive the competition and be a success.


We have many tools and techniques to perform for the best result of the analysis. You need to keep a track of what your user is preferring over what and the reason if some of them are leaving your platform.

Keep a clear record of the number of users, visiting on a weekly and monthly basis with the number of hours they spend on your app.


Social media app like Instagram are doing great with attracting maximum users from around the world. The features and smooth working makes it distinct and loved by every age group. With the above-provided information, you now have a basic idea about the things you need to work on before you practically launch your idea.

The key to success does not mean a complete copy of the app but getting inspired and creating your own version of a social media app will make your product be recognized.

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