Advantage and disadvantages of virtual tours in Singapore

Virtual tours are a form of simulation that presents an existing location. It is composed of a series of panoramic pictures and videos that are stitched together to achieve a 360° virtual view of the location. This is commonly used by universities that provide virtual campus tours. Most recently, the real estate industry has employed virtual tour Singapore companies to help them build the virtual tour for the houses. These virtual tours have proven to pique the interest of many house buyers. As a result, more and more property agents are starting to use VR tour services.

However, there are some disadvantages when it comes to using virtual tours. If you are someone who is thinking or availing virtual tour Singapore services, being aware of these disadvantages is a must. This is so you will be prepared for it and find a solution to fix these. Thus, you will be able to maximize the VR tour advantages instead. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual tours in Singapore.

VR Tour advantages 

Saves time for everyone

The biggest advantage a virtual tour Singapore experience can provide for everyone is that it saves a lot of time. That is because you don’t need to visit the location in person to see what it looks like. For example in a university, if a student wants to see the layout of the school, he or she can look into the virtual tour. They don’t need to book an appointment at the school to get a campus tour which can take days before it can get confirmed. In addition, they will have to travel to that location to see it for themselves. However, through a VR tour, students can simply view the campus from the comfort of their houses.

Unlimited visits

Aside from saving time in traveling and scheduling a visitation appointment, you can get unlimited visits through a VR tour. Typically, you can get only one visit if you went to the place physically. However, one visit isn’t enough to make you see everything that needs to be seen. You need a lot more visits which aren’t always physically possible. That is why with the help of virtual tour Singapore creators, you can visit a certain location anytime and anywhere multiple times. In the case of the real estate industry, homebuyers would highly benefit from virtual tours. That is since they would want to check every inch of the house and double-check it as they are making their final home purchase decision.

Best kind of visual content

Websites need multimedia content to make their website pages more engaging. That is why they include images, videos, gifs, and other types of multimedia content. However, nowadays, websites are including VR tour experience on their website. Virtual tours are commonly seen on websites that talk about locations such as travel blogs and restaurant blogs. They are more engaging to include since viewers can virtually travel to the place that the blog is talking about. As a result, website visitors tend to stay longer on the website decreasing the bounce rate and improving SEO ranking.

VR Tour disadvantages

Not being able to get a feel of the place

No matter how vivid the VR tour experience is it will never capture the same environment of the actual place. That is why even though there are virtual tours available, people still go to the place in person. A good example of this is the situation of house buyers. No house buyer will close the deal without physically visiting the property. That is because most buyers use their whole senses when analyzing a property. They try to get a feel of the place if this is where they want to live long-term. This is one of the reasons why some property agents think that acquiring virtual tour Singapore services is not beneficial. 

Not 100% accurate

As mentioned earlier, a VR tour is a type of multimedia content that is better than an image and a video. However, similar to these multimedia contents, they aren’t 100% accurate. That is because virtual tour Singapore builders will still manipulate the images and videos so you will see only the good side of the location. Needless to say, if you want a 100% accurate observation of the place, you will still need to visit the location and not rely solely on the virtual tour.

Let’s create your VR tour experience

Everything in this world has its pros and cons and that is also the case with virtual tour Singapore multimedia. However, if you can utilize the potential of the VR tour, you may benefit from it and not be hindered by the disadvantages. To be able to maximize the advantages of virtual tours, you should hire experts to create them. 

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