Abstract Class Interview Questions

Below are the Abstract Class Interview Questions for beginners and experienced developers for Interview Preparation. What is the need for abstract classes? Abstract classes allow partial implementations of a methods in a class Which is mostly used for an extension the sub class. Where parent class has default implementation and class specific implementation can be done in the child class. Abstract class promotes code reusability … Continue reading Abstract Class Interview Questions

What is Abstract class in C#, when abstract class is used, can abstract class be used in multilevel inheritance

Abstract class

Before understanding the abstract class let’s understand the abstract methods. Abstract Method The abstract method is a method without implementation. i.e. Abstract method just has the declaration of the method, however, there is no implementation or body for a method. The implementation of a method is done in the derived class. The derived class must implement all the abstract methods to avoid compile-time errors. C# … Continue reading Abstract class

Interface Interview Question in C#

Below are the interface interview questions in C# for beginners and experienced developers What is the use of interface? Interface mostly used for following reasons: Specifying contract Multiple inheritances Loosely coupled code Specifying contract – Interface is used to define a contract in the application, so that the other application should follow the contract in order to execution. In other words, we can say that … Continue reading Interface Interview Question in C#


Introduction In object-oriented programming, An interface is a collection of abstract methods (without body implementations), properties, indexers, and events. It is used to define the behavior that can be implemented by the classes. It enforces classes to implement all the members of it. For example, suppose we have a Truck class and a Car class. Each of these classes should have an action start engine, … Continue reading Interface

Polymorphism Interview Questions

Below is the list of Polymorphism Interview Questions for interview preparations for beginners and experience professional What is Polymorphism in C#? Polymorphism is one of the main pillars of object-oriented programming (OOP), it allows the programmer to change the object behavior based on object creation or way the is being called. It also provides the facility to inject different features to the existing functionality or … Continue reading Polymorphism Interview Questions


Polymorphism meaning Polymorphism is a Greek word constructed from two words, poly and morph. The word poly means many and morph means changing forms. polymorphism means having many forms. In computer science, It provides the ability to object to change the forms based on context usage. “Polymorphism is an object-oriented programming concept that refers to the ability of a variable, function, or object to take … Continue reading Polymorphism


What is inheritance? Inheritance is the process of deriving quality from the parent. In object-oriented programming (OOP), it is the process of creating a class from another class called a base class. So that derived class(child class) can acquire the property, methods of a base class. Derive (a quality, characteristic, or predisposition) genetically from one’s parents or ancestors. We can say that inheritance would be … Continue reading Inheritance

Constructors Interview Questions

Why we need a constructor in object-oriented programming? The purpose of Constructor is to initialize the values of data members or to perform some logic when an instance of the class gets created. Yes, we can achieve this without constructor but for that, we need to make explicit calls and chances that someone might forget to call method to initialize the values before creating an … Continue reading Constructors Interview Questions


What is constructor with example Constructors are special methods inside a class that is called when an object is instantiated. In other words, when we create an instance of the class using the “new” keyword, the constructor gets called automatically and initializing the variables of that class. Example: Suppose we have a “Car” class as mentioned below Now if we want to initialize “Car” class … Continue reading Constructors


In object-oriented programming people often get confused with encapsulation and abstractions. Encapsulation in programming is the process of encapsulating data members and data methods into a single unit to hide it from another class. Encapsulation is a strategy used as part of abstraction. It refers to the state of objects – objects encapsulate their state and hide it from the outside; outside users of the … Continue reading Encapsulation


Introduction In Simple terms, Abstraction is the process of hiding the irrelevant information in a higher degree and only showing essential thing to the user. It focusses on what the thing does instead of how it does. For example, a mobile phone to make the call we don’t need to know how our call gets connected to another phone, we just need to dial number … Continue reading Abstraction

What are class and object in OOP?

In object-oriented programming (OOP), object and class play an essential role; In fact, OOP is based on object and class. Definition of Objects An object is any real-time entity which has some properties (State) and can perform some task (Behaviour). For example, Mobile is an object; it has some properties (State) like length, colour, weight, etc. and it perform some task (Behaviour) like call, message, etc. In programming, objects … Continue reading What are class and object in OOP?

Object-Oriented Programming (OPPs)

Introduction to object-oriented programming As the software becomes more complicated, The codebase is becoming huge with more program logic. So, it is necessary to think about the structure of the program in advance. In sophisticated software, it is a must to structure a software program into simple, reusable pieces of code. Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) has all the required features. What is object-oriented programming (OOP)? Object-Oriented … Continue reading Object-Oriented Programming (OPPs)

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Machine Learning – Understanding and Introduction

Machine learning(ML) is the process of training machines by feeding data to an algorithm. As a result, machines can make smart decisions or good predictions. This prediction can be improved by experience and data.ML is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). This enables the ability of computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. So, that machine can carry out certain tasks. For example, email filtering … Continue reading Machine Learning – Understanding and Introduction

Lambda Expressions – Interview Question

Collection of typically Interview Questions on lambda expression for interview preparation. you can also read more about Lambda expression Alternatively, you can also test your knowledge by an online free quiz for a lambda expression. Interview Question: What is Lambda expression? Answer: Lambda Expressions are nameless functions given as constant values. They can appear anywhere that any other constant may, but are typically written as a … Continue reading Lambda Expressions – Interview Question

Lambda Expressions

Introduction In the earlier post, we talk about anonymous methods, we had seen that by using anonymous methods, we can define a method without providing a name to the method, in addition to it, we were also not required to specify the access specifier and the return type of the method. Lambda expressions are a further shortcut to writing anonymous methods. To understand more let’s … Continue reading Lambda Expressions

C# Anonymous methods Interview Question

Collection of typically Interview Questions on anonymous methods for interview preparation. you can also read more about anonymous methods. Alternatively, you can also test your knowledge by an online free quiz for anonymous methods. Interview Question: What is Anonymous method? Answer: Anonymous methods were introduced into C# 2 as a way of creating delegate instances without having to write a separate method. They can capture local … Continue reading C# Anonymous methods Interview Question

Generic Delegates (Action, Func, Predicate) – Interview Questions

Collection of typically Interview Questions on generic delegates for interview preparation. you can also read more about delegates, callbacks, Multicast Delegates, Generic Delegates. Alternatively, you can also test your knowledge by an online free quiz for delegates, multicast delegate, generic delegates. Interview Question: What are Generic Delegates in C#? Answer: The Func , Action and Predicate are the three generic delegates. We can make use of all these three predefined … Continue reading Generic Delegates (Action, Func, Predicate) – Interview Questions